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Heh, so much for my day off tomorrow. Joe calls and is like "Who opens tomorrow, me?" and I said he was. So he said he couldn't do it, and to decide between Shirley and I who opens. that was rather upsetting. He also said he wouldn't be in with the pay until later today after I already left, so I asked him if I could just take $40 out of the drawer, and he said sure.

The number of idiot customers never cease to amaze me. They must be procreating. Usually if I'm in back doing something, I'll be looking at the monitor every few seconds so I will see if someone comes in. I will put whatever I'm working on back in the freezer (or it'll melt, you fucking morons, wait a damn minute and I'll be up to help you), and go up front to help the customer. Usually the customers stand there and wait patiently until I come up, but some idiots like to yell "HELLO?!" I fucking see you, asshat. Let me put my shit in the freezer. It takes only two seconds. They'll usually wait about 30 seconds before they shout if I'm taking a little longer, but the woman today... fuck. I see her walk up to the counter, and before she even stops walking she's all "HELLO? ANYONE HERE?!" No, nobody here lady. The door is wide open and the drawer is easy to get into, but theres nobody here. Do people really NEED icecream THAT bad? Shit.

Oh, the idiots didn't stop there. This other...I'd call her a lady, but she was too immature...came in, and asks for a regular chocolate cone. Before I even get to reach for the cone, the phone rings and it's an important business call for Glenn (who wasn't there obviously) so they'd ask if I'd take down their number and have him call them back. I go pick up some paper, and the woman at the counter goes "Excuse me, but can you do mine first?" in this really snotty tone. "No," I said. "This is an important call." More important than you. Like she thought I was taking a phone order or something. WHY COULDN'T SHE WAIT TWO FUCKING SECONDS FOR ME TO COPY THE NUMBER AND HANG UP THE DAMNED PHONE?! Because thats all it took. I wasn't even on the phone for two minutes total. Christ.

Speaking of the phone, even THAT pissed me off today. I could get incoming calls, but every time I tried to make an outgoing call, it would ring like usual, then a recording would come on and say something or other "blah blah blah if you are in need of assistance in an emergency, please hang up and dial 911". Uhh... So I stuck a note by the phone saying exactly "WTF is up with this phone? It won't make outgoing calls." Shirley asked me what "WTF" meant, so I told her and she laughed =P

And why does everyone wait 5 minutes before closing to come in to get icecream? Whoever wants to go buy icecream at 10pm is a fucktard. This is why you buy it earlier, and keep it in your fucking freezer if you usually crave icecream at 10 fucking pm. I repeat, DO PEOPLE REALLY NEED ICECREAM THAT BAD?!

Other than the customers and shit being major asshats, Joe being constantly late with the pay, missing out on my days off, and the stupid bonnets (which I'll talk about another time), I still like my job somehow. I dont' know why though.

Turns out my co-worker Carolyn, who is sick has chicken pox, and she's 17. I bought her a get well card. She had a fever of 103.1. Yikes.

In other news, today is the day I met Chaos four years ago. So we went out to the mall and bought some stuffs, and then went to dinner at Houlihans.
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