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Yesterday the inspector came to the store. We got a B- whch is pretty good I guess.

Last night was a lunar eclipse. Didn't remember about it until 3am when Chaos commented on how bright it was outside, and by that time it was way over and done with, considering it started at 9pm. I missed it. Now I have to wait three years to see the next one. Wonder when the next sol eclipse is. I remember seeing one years and years ago when I was Bugbait; maybe 10 or something.

I keep bringing home white bristol from work. I have so much in varying lengths and widths. I got a couple cute small banner shaped ones that I'm going to draw something on. I also took home a cute sized box, and Chirako really has a box fetish. I'm talking about the kitten, not Chirako the catgirl. She keeps jumping in and out of it, and trying to eat the tape. WTF is up with cats and adhesives?
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