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Time for a really long entry.

I've been so busy with work that I barely get time to draw or color anymore, but I'm trying to rectify that. On Sunday, my co-worker Brett asked me to draw something on the back of his school textbook, and requested Kenshin. I've never drawn Kenshin before and I didn't have a reference, but it turned out pretty good. Maybe I'll get one of the girls with a cam-phone to take a pic of it and email it to me. I promised him I'd color it for him this weekend.

Oh, what else was I going to talk about? I can't really remember. I opened my update program yesterday meaning to write something, but it never happened and now I can't remember what I was going to say.

I drew a few pictures the other night, inked a bunch that were in my sketchbook and then borrowed Ernests printer/scanner combo to make some b/w lineart copies. Damn, I want my own now. I can hardly tell they're printouts unless I hold them really close to my eyes. Guess I can start offering CG prints once again because SHIT that printer is nice! Now I feel like CG coloring some stuff and uploading it, which brings me to my next few dilemmas.

First off, I made a SheezyArt account. When I get some time, I'm gonna upload stuff there. Screw DeviantArt, it's a pain in the ass. But I know how it's gonna turn out anyway, I'll get all lazy again, which means no updates for months and months. But my first dilemma: this requires time. I need to upload pics and then add descriptions. Thats a task in itself and I don't have enough free time.

Second, I was going to upload some of my inked art to my personal gallery to show some people. It seemed that I could not login to MY OWN GALLERY to upload stuff. I figured, what the hell, it was acting up over other things before, lets re-install coppermine. Ok, yeah. Only I forgot that my gallery, my messageboard AND the PPG are on the same database, and without thinking, I went into my admin console and deleted the database. Fuck. So there goes the old gallery, which I wasn't too worried about anyway, because I was making a new one. There goes my messageboard, which I didn't care about too much considering NOBODY WENT TO IT. I'll just make that anew and try to be more active on the net and hopefully I'll get people. What pisses me off was that I forgot about the PPG. There were alot of fucking pictures on there. I do have all of them saved on my harddrive, but it's gonna be a pain in the ass to upload them all again. Oh the horror. With my current schedule, and my level of laziness, and my ADD, this is going to take months to fix.

Speaking of ADD, have you ever been completely bored, even though you had millions of things you could be doing, but yet you dont' want to do any of them? And then when you find something you want to do, in the middle of it you think of something else you want to do, so you stop what you're doing and go do the other thing. Then the same thing happens again. Does this happen to you? It's very frustrating. Like right now I really want to color some pictures. But I know I can't because I have other things to do. You know what I'll end up doing? Going to sleep. Good thing I have tomorrow off, I have tons of stuff to do and I'll just end up wasting all my time staring into space. Great.

Anyhow, back on topic. Third dilemma. I think I'll stop uploading lineart until I color it. Unless I decide that it's never going to be colored, then I'll upload it. As for sketches, dunno what I'm gonna do with those. My inks look really nice though. I haven't been using photoshop/illustrator/streamline to ink either. I have a brush pen now, and everything looks awesome. I don't mind inking in my sketchbook now.

The uploading of my images is taking forever. Then I have to go through all of them and pick out stuff that doesn't need to be there and delete it. Then I need to sort them. THEN I NEED TO DO THE SAME THING WITH THE STUPID POKEMORPH GALLERY WHICH TOOK FOREVER TO MAKE THE CATEGORIES AND ALBUMS IN THE FIRST PLACE! RAWRGIEN#($#URWIFH@(#RH!!!1111oneone

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