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I have work at 4pm. Usually on Mondays I had work at 3pm, because Glenn (the co-owner and son-in-law of the owner) opens on Mondays and is supposed to stay until 4. Well, every time as soon as I got there at 3, he'd take off, so I guess thats why I've been changed to 4 so Glenn keeps his ass at the store. Glenn is also supposed to order inventory every Monday. Last week he forgot (or just didn't feel like it) to order spoons when we had next to none.
And recently we had been making chocolate waffle cones. Pretty much all that was done was hot fudge added to the waffle mix. Then I come in on monday for three weeks straight, all the chocolate cones had been tossed out and a notes complaining about burnt cones. The most recent one (from last monday) said "What the hell? Who would put out burnt cones to sell?"
So yesterday I left Glenn a note to order spoons, some other things, and that the brown cones were NOT BURNT, THEY WERE CHOCOLATE! I can't wait to see what he says when I get there later.

On a side note, my parents and my sisters are coming to visit this friday and they'll be staying until next wednesday. It sucks that I can't get as much time off as I would like, because I'm one out of only two managers who have a key to the door (not including the owner or Glenn, and Glenn is spoiled), so I either have to open or close everyday. I feel bad for Shirley for the friday I have off. She's there all day from 10am to most likely midnight if there aren't many others working.
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